Books written by WT Abernathy

Discover Your Potential: Books Written By WT Abernathy

Invest in your academic and professional education with one of our offerings. Books written by WT Abernathy are designed to improve skills with easy to understand concepts in writing, social media and small business marketing.

Books Written by WT Abernathy

Big Fish, Little Pond: Redefining Small Business Marketing

Big Fish, Little Pond: Redefining Small Business Marketing is a fresh take on marketing and the entrepreneurial spirit.

Excerpt from Big Fish, Little Pond:

“You’ve heard the saying There’s no such thing as bad publicity. Well, you should get that old idea out of your head. Bad publicity can grind a marketing campaign to a halt, destroy a reputation and close a small business in no time at all.

Consumers no longer get information about a small business’s reputation by mere word-of-mouth; social media has made publicity much more accessible. Potential clients can now see the effect of your product on YouTube before testing it for themselves. They can read instant reviews from sites like Angie’s List. They can search on Twitter to see what people are saying in real time about your product release.

We’ve created a world built on instantaneous marketing effects. To succeed, small businesses need to be in control of their image.

The first step to managing bad publicity, just like in life, is to put your best work forward and to never look back at the blunders, while still learning as much as you can from them.

Negative press is inevitable on large-scale marketing campaigns, and unfortunately, creates eye-catching headlines that fan the flames. There are steps, however, that can be taken to minimize the damage.”


This book goes well beyond the generic platitudes one often finds in such books. There is a clarity and real world awareness to the content.” – D.R. Leo

The way we market to our clients is constantly changing, and this book not only gives some great advice but also insights into recognizing, embracing, and moving ahead with those changes.” – K. Gamble


Books written by WT Abernathy
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Books written by WT Abernathy
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