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About WT Writes: A Learning to Write Blog

William Todd Abernathy of WT Writes is a wordsmith and teacher living in Manchester, New Hampshire. This blog shares his experience and is a way to give back to the community. Life is too short to write poorly. Because of this, WT Writes contains lessons written for the self-motivated student.

He believes that in order to write well, one must sit down and write. There is always time to improve skills and no time is better than the present.

WT earned his BA in Creative Writing from Chester College of New England and his MFA in Fiction from Southern New Hampshire University. He is also a veteran and served as a journalist in the US Navy.

For the past 10 years he has taught writing at Mount Washington College, Granite State College, Daniel Webster College and SNHU. He also teaches the Humanities courses Popular American Culture, American Film History, and The Media and It’s Message. These classes help students learn to analyze their cultural surroundings. Teaching is one of the great adventures of his life.

His writing passion comes from his experiences, both professional and personal. After years of practice and teaching, he wanted to do more. Consequently, WT Writes was born.

Publishing History of WT Writes

Abernathy’s recent book, Big Fish, Little Pond, is a best seller on Amazon and teaches the fundamentals of marketing on a budget. He has an extensive collection of creative short stories and poems published as well. Due to this array, his work has appeared in various literary publications and magazines.

WT is co-owner of Spotlight Publicity in Manchester NH. Spotlight is a small business marketing firm run with his wife, Wendie. They have four children and five pets. Eleven if you count the chickens.

His articles have appeared on websites, white pages, and countless advertising campaigns. He has written for magazines, eBooks and marketing clients, and his creative endeavors range from fiction to non-fiction and the realms in-between. As such, his experience spans from topics concerning the power of purchasing to financial advice.

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Because writing can always be improved, WT Writes is a place to share with those who want to improve their writing. Writing takes practice and determination. After all, no one is born a great writer. Skill must be learned in a formalized setting. Because of this, a writer learns the rules before breaking them. Consequently, reading this blog will help with deciding which ones to break when the time comes.

After all, with practice comes mastery.

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